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SuperPath® Hip Replacement


SuperPATH is a revolutionary development in hip replacement surgery that allows us to perform hip replacements in a manner that encourages quicker recovery and precludes hip precautions that are associated with some other hip replacement techniques. This is because of the unparalleled preservation of the hip capsule and minimal muscle sacrifice.

SuperPATH utilises an incision typically about 3 inches long and simply retracts the main muscles out of the way. Both the anterior capsule at the front and posterior capsule at the back of the hip joint, along with the short external rotators are preserved. The hip is replaced without dislocating the joint.

What is SuperPath® Hip Replacement?

SuperPath®, the direct superior percutaneous assisted total hip replacement, is a newer, more novel technique of performing a standard total hip arthroplasty where your surgeon utilizes a smaller initial incision and, more importantly, a very limited dissection in the deep tissues. This technique avoids cutting any muscles or tendons and thereby not having to repair them during surgery and wait for them to heal for an extended period postoperatively. This technique performed by cutting through the superior part of the capsule only is also referred to as the northern approach or northern exposure.

What are the benefits of using the SuperPath® technique?

The SuperPath® direct superior percutaneous assisted total hip replacement is a restorative technique because it enables the surgeon to utilize specialized instruments and tools to remove the diseased hip and implant the new components while the hip remains in a natural rested position during the surgical procedure. By contrast, traditional techniques require twisting and contorting the lower extremity in order to dislocate the hip joint to perform the surgery, with the possibility of complications such as increased postoperative soreness, all the way to intraoperative fractures of the femur requiring more extensive surgery.

The SuperPath® direct superior percutaneous assisted total hip replacement approach combines cutting-edge technology and advanced surgical techniques to encourage soft tissue preservation and enable patients to shorten their recovery to weeks, rather than months as in traditional approaches.

Potential advantages of SuperPath®, the direct superior percutaneous assisted total hip replacement, include:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Minimal blood loss during surgery
  • Minimal scars
  • No activity limitations
  • Short recovery time
  • Greatly reduced dislocation risk
  • Give a natural feeling hip


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